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1962-1964 ford super dexta weathered tractor

  • The Universal Hobbies models are simply breathtaking! The disassembly leaves something to be desired however. Those 28 gauge wires representing spark plug wires and electrical components are a killer! I felt bad for the person that put this thing together at the Universal Hobbies factory, only so I could take it apart and make it look like crap. (haha) I dug deep into research on this tractor because of the articulate detail. I wanted to make sure I was familiar with what components were what. You wouldn't flood an air cleaner with "leaky oil" right? I really enjoyed reading about this tractor. Information was just as easy to find as the most popular John Deere, Case, International Harvester, Farmall or even Caterpillar models. The 2.5 liter 3 cylinder diesel is quite the little workhorse. Even though I couldn't locate the torque, I wouldn't be surprised if it were nearly triple the 45 horsepower. Even the PTO has some serious power behind it. This two-wheel-drive version was a fun project and I'm looking forward to doing more UH models. 


  • The entire tractor was dismantled, primed and  treated the same as all of my models. By combining my own balanced combination of complex reactive mineral components specially ordered from Croatia, I'm able to produce the impression of natural rust with organic color variations. These components are meticulously applied to panel locations where the original finish would be vulnerable to decay. The process provides for unmatched beauty and an authentic appearance.
  • The tires had to be reworked to bring the tread down. The rears now show many years of use. The fronts are no different. Note that the front tires are worn more on the outside than the inside to reflect the weight imbalance when cornering. Each of the four wheels were coated with several layers of "mud." 
  • The mesh screens covering the radiator have a few gashes in them. The driver has to watch out for those steel rakes the kids left in the yard next time! Looks like we'll need to repair that radiator! Even though the tractor is "out of service," it won't be along until it is pulling its weight through the roughest of field conditions again.
  • Vintage signage from a vast library of vintage material was used to create an "Out of Service," Wisconsin Agriculturist" and "For Sale" sign all loose for a variety of staging.
  • The tractors should be good and greasy! Should the owner stick to their maintenance, many areas should be dripping in goo. You'll find obvious grease marks on joints, engine components, drive gears and anything and everything that moves. This model is just the same.
  • The seat has been weathered, with the exception of typical wear from the driver.
  • Mud can be found on both fenders from being "kicked up" while in high gear. Mud can also be found on the footrests and pedals.
  • The exhaust can be carefully removed to allow the engine compartment door to open.

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