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1934-1939 Caterpillar twenty Two Winter Special weathered Crawler

My second Norscot model; the Caterpillar Twenty Two had been calling to me for a while now. I didn't want the boring standalone crawler and as usual had to get clever. I purchased a Twenty Two parts catalog to see what was available and found a super winter cab to put onto it. Why not throw on a belt pulley too? No problem! Like the Twenty model finished just before this model, the folks over at the Antique Caterpillar Machinery Owners Club forum helped me through my 3D design and 3D print of cab and the belt pulley. I had struggled with the cab accuracy, which I review in the videos below. Additionally, each of the seven windows had to be precisely cut to fit each space. Even 1/10th of a millimeter made a difference. But once the design was perfected the cab snapped into place and rests beautifully! This certainly won't be my last Twenty Two and I'm also going to offer both the pulley and cab for sale in my new Buford's Store: Oxidation Station! 


  • The entire tractor was dismantled, primed and  treated the same as all of my models. By combining my own balanced combination of complex reactive mineral components specially ordered from Croatia I'm able to produce the impression of natural rust with organic color variations. These components are meticulously applied to panel locations where the original finish would be vulnerable to decay. The process provides for unmatched beauty and an authentic appearance.
  • The tracks and drive wheels were stripped of their yellow paint as they were much too bulky from the factory. That enabled me to apply a realistic coat of rust base without hiding the fine details like rivets and bolts.

 Several modifications were made to the tractor to make it more realistic:

  1. More than 60 hours of designing and 3D printing went into the cab and rear belt pulley to make it as accurate as possible. The rear belt pulley also spins.
  2. All areas that you'd expect the driver to touch, grab, rub against etc. have traces of polished metal.
  3. The tractors should be good and greasy! Should the owner stick to their maintenance, many areas should be dripping in goo. You'll find obvious grease marks on blade joints, engine components, drive gears and anything and everything that moves. This model is just the same. 
  4. There was a simple horizontal exhaust that didn't do much for the model. I designed and 3D printed an elbow that fastened easily and attached a brass tube for a straight exhaust. Note the heavy smoke stains on the roof of the cab. We might need to take a gander at that engine and check for a stuck ring or two! 

Feel free to read the entire ACMOC thread on the production of the crawler by clicking here!







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