buford's barn cars PORTFOLIO

1931-1936 Allis chalmers k crawler with blade and 3d printed cab


Another SpecCast model for the portfolio! I spent more time on this one model than any other. I was originally going to complete only the model but found one very sweet cab on a real K crawler in Flickr. I couldn't resist! Every accessory on and around this model I designed in my 3D software to match its real life replica. The entire cab, spare belt, cans over the exhaust, 55 gallon drum, hydrant, guard rails and sewer drain are all 3D printed from my Felix 3D printer and weathered appropriately. The diorama base itself was made entirely by hand including framed solid wood edging and solid cement. Yup, it's heavy!  


  • The tracks were stripped of their glossy paint as they were much too bulky from the factory. That enabled me to apply a realistic coat of rust base without hiding the fine details like rivets and bolts. The tracks and localized areas around them were all covered with grass-stricken mud.
  • You'll find obvious grease marks on mechanical joints, engine components, drive gears and anything and everything that moves.
  • The original exhaust pipes were cut down and brass tubing was secured in place of them.
  • You may have seen other models that have their seats covered up with my rendition of a "blanket." I like the aged look to it so I used it on this model too.
  • The cab was completely 3D designed from scratch to match one I found on Flickr. It is comprised of ten separate pieces that have been secured together. It is completely removable.
  • The headlight lenses were removed and reflector cones were put in place with some very tiny wiring.
  • The model can be displayed with or without the cab and blade. I even included several stumps to hold up the blade either attached or unattached.
  •  I put some vintage signage around the model to add character, including the Buford's "For Sale."


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