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1929-1941 Allis Chalmers "Monarch" 35 / K weathered Crawler

SpecCast makes one high quality product! Every piece of their design is constructed with precision. Unfortunately it was also constructed so well it's not the easiest thing to take apart. Regardless, this is my first "35." It is quite a bit larger than the Caterpillar Twenty and Twenty Two that I've recently finished. I wanted to create a finish that showed ages of use without going overboard. I do get carried away! To do so, the majority of the tractor was carefully detailed piece-by-piece. Rather than make both tracks entirely rusted I opted for remaining factory paint finish with wear and fresh rust that you would expect from sitting out in the rain. Remember the older the rust, the darker it gets. If you've seen my previous work you know I have an affinity for early models of a particular line. The 35 being an early K of course, and still in the factory gray before the Allis Chalmers orange color scheme was introduced. Now I just have to get to a local show and find me one so I can hear that engine purr in person. 


I had put a lot of thought into how I wanted this model to come out. It was important to me that the tractor had shown a used appearance but not a backyard "junker" look. I pulled a lot of pictures of Allis Chalmers K crawlers to see what their appearance would be. Knowing the 35 was from a similar era I was able to get a historical view of their condition. 

The tracks, drive wheels and lower chassis were stripped of their glossy gray paint as they were much too bulky from the factory. That enabled me to apply a realistic coat of rust base without hiding the fine details like rivets and bolts. 

All areas that you'd expect the driver to touch, grab, rub against etc. have traces of polished metal; particularly in the operator's area. You'll also find polished metal on the track cleats and in and around the drive train areas.

You'll find obvious grease marks on mechanical joints, engine components, drive gears and anything and everything that moves.

You may have seen other models that have their seats covered up with my rendition of a "blanket." I like the aged look to it so I used it on this model too.

I put some vintage signage around the model to add character, including the Buford's "For Sale" sign. 


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