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THIS 1967 VW Beetle was a gift to my father in law for his birthday. I made sure to touch on some very personal details including a map of Mexico with a route to Guadalajara, a bird cage in the back seat and medical text books. As you may imagine, each has their individual back story. Of particular interest was the color match which was a baby blue paint scheme. The NY license plates also brought a hint of realism to the model. 



Fine details of this model include the following:

  • Shattered windows and shards of glass are all over the car..
  • A piece of rough sawn red oak was cut to scale, treated and placed as a support for the For Sale sign.
  • Vintage signage from a vast library of vintage material was used to create a vintage NY license plates.
  • The magazines and textbooks are also authentic publications printed to scale including micro print on the inside of four sheets of thick photo paper.   
  • The interior has been customized to match the real car.
  • An old rusty chain like the one you'd expect to be used to pull the prototypical vehicle from the barn is loosely wrapped around the front bumper.
  • At this stage I'll go over the entire vehicle verifying all components have been properly reattached and that the finish is complete. I may airbrush some light shading of the final coat, add some dust or additional hay or shattered glass. In this particular case the model was basically complete and I'll move on to photography.


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