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1961 Jaguar e coupe weathered barn find

THIS JAGUAR E CABRIOLET  was built to resemble one from a photo of a British Racing Green Jag I found on an international auction house site from a live auction dated a few years back. I had a particular interest in that vehicle as it is very rare to find that original color scheme. Much time was spent blending the primer undercoat with the faded green final finish. Minute scratches were added to imitate the original prototype. The rear tires were "flattened" to add character only. The prototype's tires had been replaced at the time of the auction but the auction notes included data on the original tire's condition which I thought was cleverly listed as "not DOT approved."

Once all body finishing was complete I moved on to the details that add character to the model:

  • This is a 1:18 1961 Jaguar E Cabriolet with prototypical details. Faded hints of its British Racing Green paint give clues as to its magnificent factory origins.
  • There are five enamel colors used, each with up to six different shades to produce the realistic effects you see on this model. The rust and algae streaks were precariously placed with multiple different applications of masking to provide just the right amount of rot you would expect to see on a prototypical vehicle that's been sitting in a junkyard for 50 years.
  • A battered rough sawn oak board holds up the For Sale sign leaning against the side. You'll also find a "Cash" sign on the same board. Better leave your check book at home!.
  • The front windshield has been blacked out from years of dust and algae growth.
  • You'll see obvious scratches in the paint of the model as well as bent bumpers and a missing blinker.
  • The front tires show severe weathering with significant tread loss. The rear tires have been reduced to nothing but slicks and are both flat. You can see where the rubber has pulled away from the rims. Someone had a little too much fun with this car before storing it!.
  • The engine block is coated with gummy oil as is the undercarriage. You can almost breathe in and smell that engine grime! A touch of hay also coats the engine compartment.
  • A heavy, rusty chain rests loosely on the car's driver's side mirror and may be placed in a variety of locations to hi-light its barn origin.
  • One of my favorite accents; painstakingly precision-cut maple leaves, authentic in scale, are found scattered all over the model. Cut from real leaves, with roughly half dyed red and yellow for an autumn feel, these leaves feature natural "veins" and texture for a true-to-life appearance. 
  • Strands of hay cover the vehicle all over to add that fine extra accent.
  • Vintage signage from a vast library of vintage material was used to create a 1961 West Virginia license plate found on the dash and one on the rear. The signage relates directly to the year of manufacturing of the model; 1961. Here you have two "Caution" signs as well as a vintage Mobil Oil.
  • The magazines you see here are placed both into a handmade cardboard box as well as two loosely on the seats, and are authentic publications printed to scale including micro print on the inside of thin photo paper to produce multiple pages. Included here you'll find a August 4, 1961 Life with JFK and the following week's Life with beautiful Sophia Loren. On the front seat is a a February, 1961 CinĂ© with delicious Claudia Cardinale on the cover. Ooo la la!!
  • You'll also find a twisted rope and a hand made rusty mallet in the box as well. 

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