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1957 Chevrolet corvette WEATHERED "chitwood" thrill car

Joie Chitwood Jr. contacted me to ask about having some weathered models produced based on those found in the official Joie Chitwood Thrill Show. If you're reading this and your eyes are bugging out of your head then I'd assume you know of the world famous Joie Chitwood. Joie's show  "Was so popular, that in January 1967, the performance at the Islip Speedway, New York was broadcast on ABC television's Wide World of Sports," according to Wikipedia. Here we start with a Weathered '57 Corvette in a "gone but not forgotten" state. Surely no where near the condition of the actual Corvette sold at a 2014 Barrett-Jackson auction

This particular model, a 1957 Chevrolet Corvette, differs only slightly from the actual 1958 model. Thankfully Joie pointed out to me that all Corvettes were made with a fiberglass body. I nearly went to town on the rust. The model was made with extensive scratches as well as paint decay showing through to the gray primer undercoat. The interior was originally cream and was made to match a slightly dimmed tone of the original car. Model graphics were carefully applied using Micro-Mark's decal finishing set to mimic the original.

All Chitwood models will be sold exclusively through Joie's eBay store. These are limited editions and are produced proudly here in Simsbury, Connecticut for Joie Chitwood Jr.

The Joie Chitwood Thrill Show


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