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1956 porsche 356A coupe "barn find" diorama

A Porsche enthusiast from New York asked me about weathering an AutoArt Porsche had had on hand. I could tell right off that this was a gentleman with fine tastes. He was very particular in the way the model was to appear. And that's the kind of customer I enjoy working with. He had sent me pictures from a recent auction on eBay for a genuine "barn find" Porsche 356A which ended not only at a high dollar amount but with literally thousands of fan views. He wanted the model to look similar; rust-throughs and all.

This Porsche wasn't to be displayed alone however. Using one of Buford's cherry display cases, I built a model barn diorama into the base complete with a dirtied window and second story loft. The walls were made from finely cut red oak. The floorboards were cut from aged mahogany. I have experimented with a homemade aging solution to make newly cut wood appear aged and weathered. I tried the same solution on the wood you'll see here. It might need some fine tuning but all in all I'm perfectly happy with it. More importantly, so was the customer!


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