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1956 Porsche 356A Coupe barn find display case

THIS SUNSTAR PORSCHE 356A BARN FIND model was a rare treat. I was lucky enough to acquire multiple models from a hobby store closeout. I am impressed with the quality and attention to detail. There are some VERY small pieces to this car! I should know: every piece of the model was carefully removed and organized into different groups to receive separate aging treatment. The body's original paint was sanded down starting with 100 grit sanding pads working steadily up to 220 to provide a toothy surface for consecutive finishes.

Once all body finishing was complete I moved on to the details that add character to the model.



  • Part of Buford's barn Cars Executive Series of models, this is a 1:18 1956 Porsche 356A Coupe with prototypical details. Faded hints of its slate gray paint scheme give clues as to its magnificent factory origins. 
  • This model Porsche was treated differently than most of the models I've produced to date. I've combined enamels, natural rusting compounds, weathering powders, finely sifted natural sand, baking soda, chemical solutions for darkening white metal and the use of several tools in my woodshop to obtain the finished results. This will also be the same formula I will use going forward.
  • A battered rough sawn oak board holds up a For Sale sign. You'll also find an "Absolutely No Credit" sign below it. Winfred seems to like cash. Don't we all?!
  • An old rusty chain like the one you'd expect to be used to pull the prototypical vehicle from the barn is loosely wrapped around the front bumper and may be placed in the cabin, around the steering wheel etc. 
  • The 1956 California license plate, located on the rear of the vehicle, is made from photographs of authentic plates and was appropriately weathered then permanently fixed in place.
  • Loads of clumpy hay strands can be found strategically placed throughout the vehicle including the interior.
  • An old towel hangs from the rear bumper after the owner gave his last efforts to get the engine going.
  • An old, bent "iron pipe" is sticking out of the rear window. Perhaps someone put a little too much effort to slide it into the car from the passenger side.
  • An oil-soaked "cardboard box," holding appropriately dated magazines; a Life with adorable Audrey Hepburn on the cover and an Esquire, may be positioned in many aesthetically pleasing ways. You'll also find a handmade rusty mallet (yes, I made it by hand!) fastened in the box. A French CinĂ© featuring Marilyn Monroe in all of her glory is fastened to the front seat. Ooo la la! All magazines match the year of the Porsche, 1956. 
  • Vintage signage from a vast library of vintage material was used to create a variety of material. I had a little fun with this model and am including the following: a Caution sign, Fallout Shelter sign, Upper Ten drink sign, a Coca Cola sign and an awkward "Clean Restrooms" sign to raise an eyebrow or two. :)
  • Textured mud and deep rusting has been applied to the wheels and tires to replicate its years of settling into the earth in the confinement of the barn. 

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