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1955 Chevrolet / Chevy WEATHERED Barn find pick up truck

THIS 1955 CHEVY PICK UP is one of several model vehicles provided by a repeat customer in Colorado. This was an Ertl brand model that he wanted weathered. Ertl models are beasts in themselves. They are made up of complex and detailed parts and are very heavy. This particular model was one of my favorites, both before and after the finishing process. I admit I have an affinity for the American classics and this truck is no exception. If you stare at the photos below long enough it would be hard pressed to say it was in fact a 1:18 scale model! What a joy this model was to create! As always, a massive library of images taken of automobiles from real junkyards, barns and abandoned sites all over the world were studied to better understand the conditions you might expect of a truck of this date. Every piece of the model was carefully removed and organized into different groups to receive separate aging treatment. The body's original paint was then sanded down starting with 100 grit sanding pads working steadily up to 220 to provide a toothy surface for consecutive finishes. 

Details were limited to the below to add just enough character. 

Details include:

  • A sunflower yellow door to reflect an attempt to make an old repair. 
  • Shaded and dirtied wheels and rims.
  • A cracked and dirtied windshield and side, rear windows..
  • A worn interior with a healthy dose of dirty hi-lights.
  • The engine block has been painted with various tones to replicate authentic engine components.
  • Cargo was placed in the bed for photographic accents.
  • At this stage I'll go over the entire vehicle verifying all components have been properly reattached and that the finish is complete. I may airbrush some light shading of the final coat, add some dust or additional hay or shattered glass. In this particular case the model was basically complete and I'll move on to photography.

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