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1952 Ford F-1 Pick Up

This 1952 Ford F-1 pick up truck has a bit of a history here at Buford's. See, several years ago I was contacted by Nick in South Carolina about making a model of his F-1 pick up. I really didn't know what I was in for until he shot over a few pictures. I immediately fell in love with his truck! Being a Ford fan, particularly for the late 40s and early to mid-50s pick ups (I have a 1956 Ford myself!) I was excited to work with Nick and get him a completed, weathered model. He always spoke very fondly for his love of old iron and his '51 pick up. So that's why I was very surprised to be contacted by Andrew in the UK a few years later. Andrew acquired the truck from Nick and had it sent overseas. But Nick wasn't letting go of his model I made for him so Andrew wanted one for himself. A lot has changed in these few years in the way I tackle my models. In fact there are very few weathering practices that I use today that I used in the beginning. Through many trials, and more than my fair share of tribulations, I'm much more comfortable with my capabilities as an artist these days. I'm glad to be where I am today because quite frankly this F-1 has a really difficult patina to mimic! But for the second time I was up for the challenge. And since Andrew was happy with the end result, so was I!  

...Oh and Nick, how could you part with this beauty?! HOW COULD YOU DO IT?!    


  • Finding an actual 1952 F-1 model isn't easy! I ended up finding one that was a Snap-On Tools model in 1:24th scale. It was perfect!
  • The entire model was dismantled, sandblasted, primed and  treated with a delicate application of weathering powders. Once the layers of powders were applied each panel was wet-sanded with 600 grit sandpaper. This provides a base of rust that is similar to scale of the vehicle.
  • The actual truck is lowered quite a bit and the model had to be as well. I removed the rear springs holding the axle in place and used an epoxy to hold it in place. The front steering mechanism had to be removed entirely to get the front end to match the rear.
  • There are patches of Bondo on the actual truck that I had to match on the model. You'll see those patches on the front driver's side fender as well as the passenger side with a tiny patch on the rear driver's side as well.
  • I matched the rear chains on the tailgate.
  • There is pin-striping art all of the actual truck. This by far was the hardest part to copy. I have decal paper that works wonderfully, only when the base color is very light however. The graphics don't show through well on darker paints. Though I couldn't get all of the art on the truck, I did manage to get the art to show well on the doors. 
  • Though not part of the model, Andrew needed a custom weathered license plate that appeared era-specific for this truck. Take a close look at that last picture. Yup, a Buford's Original! (Input smiley face)

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