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1951 VW Beetle  - "Total Ratisfaction" Junkyard Ratrod

THIS 1951 Beetle rat rod, named "Total Ratisfaction," has been lowered to the ground by customizing the undercarriage which was no easy feat. As this is a "rat rod" mimicking a drivable piece of art, I went easy on the rust patches but went nuts on the patina. The bright orange is the result of an extremely delicate weathering process...so much so my high school physics teacher would drool! The orange contrast to the beret green really pops out.

If you like the rats, let me know! I'm always trying to mix things around a bit. Email me at Calvin@BufordsBarnCars.com.

Fine details of this model are as follows: 

  • A customized undercarriage dropped the model down more than 50%. It's now almost sitting on the ground.
  • A piece of rough sawn red oak was cut to scale, treated and placed as a support for the For Sale sign.
  • Vintage signage from a vast library of vintage material was used to create a 1951 California license plate and several magazines. All signage normally relates directly to the year of manufacturing of the model but this time I shot for a '50s genre to reflect the glory days of rodding. 
  • The model has been placed on blocks making it look like good ol' dad was mad at his boy and blocked his car! Now that's punishment!
  • This is the first model that I've created in its entirety with tires that have gone through a special aging technique that make them appear dried and shredded as old tires should be. Just look at the wear of those whitewalls!  
  • A special plastic craft material was carefully placed throughout the interior to add shattered glass effects. The same material will be used to make shattered windows.
  • Painstakingly precision-cut white oak and maple leaves, authentic in scale, are found on top of the vehicle as well as inside the cabin. Cut from real leaves, with roughly half dyed red for an autumn feel, these leaves feature natural "veins" and texture for a true-to-life appearance. 
  • Loads of clumpy hay strands can be found strategically placed throughout the vehicle including the trunk compartment, interior and top.
  • The rear bumper has been wrapped with barbed wire adding that deep backyard tone.
  • An old rusty chain like the one you'd expect to be used to pull the prototypical vehicle from the barn is wrapped around the front bumper.
  • At this stage I'll go over the entire vehicle verifying all components have been properly reattached and that the finish is complete. I may airbrush some light shading of the final coat, add some dust or additional hay or shattered glass. In this particular case the model was basically complete and I'll move on to photography.

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