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1941 Plymouth WEATHERED "chitwood" thrill car

Another "Thrill Show" model! This is the second of a long series of Chitwood Thrill Show models. This particular Plymouth was a little different than my usual regimen. Joie wanted an action Plymouth not too dissimilar from the four door Plymouth seen below. That's his father landing after a clean launch through the air in the 1940s. After stripping off the original blue paint I added a few dents to the fenders and front sheet metal where the car would have smashed into the ramp. Adding dents wasn't an easy feat since the metal on the body is equivalent to roughly half inch steel in a 1:1 scale. A few chisels and a steel mallet did the trick. I also removed the bumper to match the prototype. I added spattered mud to the sides and airbrushed Flat Rubber over the whitewall tires.

The ramp was built using thinly sliced red oak and airbrushed it white. I had a few spare rubber tires laying around. I found one that was close to the Plymouth's to use to mock up some skid marks. 

I originally had a wood spindle that caught the rear axle to keep the rear in the air but it didn't quite give a clean view. I designed a bracket using Google Sketchup and printed it on my Felix 3D printer. It grabs the front axle and keeps the model perfectly angled. Too bad I didn't have a small scaled Joie Chitwood model to put in the driver's seat!

Like the first Chitwood car in this series, the 1957 Corvette, the model graphics were carefully applied using Micro-Mark's decal finishing set to mimic the original.

All Chitwood models will be sold exclusively through Joie's eBay store. These are limited editions and are produced proudly here in Simsbury, Connecticut for Joie Chitwood Jr.

The Joie Chitwood Thrill Show


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