details available for models

these are available for all orders

  • Detailed and weathered custom finish with organic base.
  • Custom FOR SALE signs made with the name you choose!
  • One of my favorite accents; precision-cut white oak and maple leaves, authentic in scale, placed on top of the vehicle as well as inside the cabin. Cut from real leaves, with roughly half dyed red for an autumn feel, these leaves feature natural "veins" and texture for a true-to-life appearance. 
  • Battered and aged hood, trunk support boards / boards sticking through windows.
  • Delicately applied hay, dust and moss are applied to a variety of locations to replicate the environmental surface impacts.
  • Shattered windows and glass shards. (not real...won't cut your fingers)
  • The entire floor of the interior can be removed and replaced with rough sawn oak boards aged appropriately for a super barn-find look. It is then coated with hay and shards of broken glass. 
  • Vintage signage including Mobil, Gulf and Castrol Oil and Coca Cola plus others.
  • Magazines made to scale. The magazines are micro printed on thick photo paper with micro text and photos on the insides and back. All magazines always match the year and make of the actual vehicle. Examples include: 
    • 1954 Esquire
    • 1955 French CinĂ© magazine featuring Marilyn Monroe
    • 1955 Life featuring Grace Kelly
    • 1955 Esquire
    • 1961 French CinĂ© magazine featuring Claudia Cardinale
    • 1961 Life featuring JFK
    • Plus many more 
  • Scaled cardboard boxes with details such as decaying rope or rusty chains.
  • Highly detailed engine components painted for authenticity and "greased up."
  • "Engine grease" leakage.
  • Fuel door "fuel leakage."
  • Dirty and dusty wheels and tires.
  • Body rot can be placed anywhere on the body; hood, doors and panels etc, with appropriate rust streaks replicating corroded iron washing down the sides.
  • Missing lights/door handles/bumpers - dependent on model. 

Take a look at sample models in the portfolio